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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Buddhist way of Meditation

The practice of meditation supports to decrease defilements of
greed (lobha), anger (dosa) and ignorance (moha), and whoever train in this
way repeatedly, will get peace of mind, live in harmony with environmental
phenomenon and pass away quietly.


This is an easy method of meditation for those people who are
grasping the concept that sitting in meditation and doing for mental
development are so tired and very hard. You can follow this way very simply
and very easily neglecting wherever you are arriving or what you are doing.

Stay in calm position, relax all nerves throughout a whole body, and at least even one nerve should not be unease. (If you can't reduce the nerves, you will lose your energy in a few moments and it will cause nervous problems, and you also will be looked like more older than this present age.
Firstly, give attention on aggregates (physical and mental groups). (Keep your mind purified cutting off all sensual pleasures from outside). At the moment while you are doing so, you will come to know something obviously from eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. That knowledge (knowing) is also whirling in the circle of appearing and disappearing such as a new one appears and disappears, and again another a new one appears and disappears.
It is ruling continuously and constantly. It is very fast and happens even one zillion in a second, and we can't render it by our ordinary knowledge or brain since it is very fast. But what we know is to be let as "just being/ just happening" continuously and not to penetrate into it. And the knowledge on the knowing is also to be let as "just knowing" continuously as to not to attach anything appeared in the mind. Although you have known something in the
mind, you have no time even to interpret the exact meaning of what you know because mental function is fast regulating in the circle of appearing and disappearing.

Don't accept any mental aspect wether it is good or bad. If you accept it, you will be sad or worried because it links with attachment. And how will you be peaceful or quiet if you are feeling sad or unhappy? When you get more practical experiences, you will get joyful and tranquillized .Therefore, you are obliged to be self-peace first, so that you can share peace and happiness to other people/ all human beings all over the globe.

If self is not free from grief and sorrowness, what you can share to other people are only grief and sorrowness. When you can discard more and more unpurified mind of greed, anger and delusion, you will right understand and realize the true knowledge or the true life.

I wish you to practice like this;

" Wherever you are arriving or what you are doing or thinking or feeling , you should give up on everything appeared in the mind as "just being" or "just happening". When you get more experiences, you will admire on the real truths and will be peaceful, and so you can share an absolute happiness and tranquillity to the other."

With metta,

Globe9win( globe9win@gmail.com )