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Warmly Welcome to Arakan (ဘုရားသာသနာျမီ ေမာင္ရို.ရခိုင့္ဌာနီ)

ရခိုင္ေမာ္ဒန္ေရာ့(ခ္) (Arakan Modern Rock)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

My Drawing Experience

I look back to my previous time to put down on the paper as our tutor asked us to do a drawing task. Our task is to create a picture according to our connection. I drew three Buddhist monks carrying their bowls on the way to the village to get an offering of food form donor. My memory actually went back to a time of six years ago. This drawing reminded me of my village where i spent up to 18 years. My two brothers and me. At that time we were Buddhist monks. We were sent to the monastery to be traditional novices.
After we finished drawing , I looked around the class and observed how people had put their connection to the drawing. I saw many amazing pictures which were reflections on each background. Seeing my picture , people asked me if it was three kings. I felt surprised and got upset. Who are the three kings?? Later, I realized that they were about asking the three kings from the Christian story.
I started to think how human beings are formed according to environment, background and religions. It helped me a lot to understand the nature of man. For example, if I show my picture to the people from my country , they would know on the spot that they are three Buddhist monks carrying bowls. I benefited from this. The understanding of how we, as humans are related to our background. It helped me a lot to open up my mind or my heart to welcome, mature and understand every human being. This session had taught me how important it is to see both side.