WhErE eVeR wE aRe, ThE oNlY pLaCe We CaLl HoMe Is ArAkaN!

Warmly Welcome to Arakan (ဘုရားသာသနာျမီ ေမာင္ရို.ရခိုင့္ဌာနီ)

ရခိုင္ေမာ္ဒန္ေရာ့(ခ္) (Arakan Modern Rock)

Friday, 11 July 2008

"Somewhere in a corner of everyone's
soul life there sits
a so-called abnormality"(Holtzapfel)

I agree with the above quotation because it is trueth that our human nature even at its best has its defect, faults, and infections. From this spring board in gaining awareness of our won personal weakness, we should be learning to grow spiritually althought it is sometimes difficult and palinful.However, we should welcome the opportutunity for positive change in this area.