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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Philosophy form Lodon's Street Performer

Street Performer

I went to London on my holiday to visit my friends. Walking along the Themes river, I saw a street performer in a large crown. He was wearing Indian custom but he did not look like an Indian. I think he may be a Londoner or some where from UK. His performing was just about juggling but he seemed quite artist and was really good at making people laugh. As I could not helping stopping to enjoy my self, I saw many people came and joined. Looking at him and enjoying myself, My eyes went through the crown. What a variety of people form around the world. What a rainbow nations? . At this movement , a thought or philosophy came to my mind, a thought of why he can make all those different people happy. What was his ability or art that brought a crown happiness? How he made those black , white and yellow to become one colour? It is quite interesting and it must be an art. Through my knowledge and the study that I did in curative education helped me to see through him what his secret key was. The juggling alone would not make people laughed. So, what was that, it is just his sense of humour that watered his performance to grow and to be fruitful. People were laughing because he can make a sensible joke out of the blue. Beside, his spirit and his right attitude toward the crown were like tonic water that made the people to be heartened to enjoy themselves.