WhErE eVeR wE aRe, ThE oNlY pLaCe We CaLl HoMe Is ArAkaN!

Warmly Welcome to Arakan (ဘုရားသာသနာျမီ ေမာင္ရို.ရခိုင့္ဌာနီ)

ရခိုင္ေမာ္ဒန္ေရာ့(ခ္) (Arakan Modern Rock)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Mercy me

Mercy me

The cursed distance in between us
The changing rhythm of my beating heart

The countless missing days
Which go beyond mere maths

The rotting wound which
Caused me pain dramatically
To let my pain go and
To quench my burning heart

There is nothing to stop them
That is why
I want to jump into the river
Between the two icy mountains

I miss you when I see the clear blue sky
I miss you when I see the leaves are falling
I miss you when I hear the birds are singing
I miss you when the wind blows from north and south
I miss you when the wind blows from East and West

Poems within me cry out for endless expression
These hardships, the lonely life
I no longer want to wrestle with them any more

In the garden which is blooming
With a thousand different flowers
With the heaven that is full of love and smiles and kindness
Please mercy me theses day as soon as you can, my love.

Aye Maung